6:30 - 7:30


Enter a mysterious venue that evokes an almost futuristic secret garden. Sounds of birds chirping and exotic flower installations, paintings of nature and images along with videos of vibrant flowers blooming are projected on the immersive walls. Live models posing as mannequins next to real mannequins all covered in gowns with flowers, grapes, lemons, and feathers.

The models and the mannequins costumes will represent the four elements of nature that titillate your senses. Grapes and lemons representing wine and beer will be served during this fun stand-up interactive tasting social. Real flowers will represent touch and smell.  Feathers representing birds will create the sound of the musical interaction that is immersive throughout.

The event starts with each guest brought into an immersive experience with music engaging the senses. An Introduction will be led by Brad Carrick, Harvard Law, JD, and Claire Hultin, Fatemah Nikchehi, and Mariya Milovidova who will make opening remarks and advising guests of the upcoming special appetizers.

An hour long wine, whiskey, and beer tasting will then be led by Fabiano Ramaci -Owner of Mora Estate Wine, Douglas Smith – Owner of Whiskies of the World, and Robert Nathanson – CEO of Palmia. An opera singer starts performing a Caruso song in Italian, as the images of Italy are displayed on the screens, including some of Mariya Milovidova’s paintings influenced by Venice, Venician Mascarate, Rome, Milan, Italian wine, and of course, Italian fashion. An opera singer will begin performing a Caruso song in Italian, as the images of Italy are displayed on the screens, including some of Mariya Milovidova’s paintings influenced by Venice, Venician Mascarate, Rome, Milan, Italian wine, and of course, Italian fashion.  Each carefully chosen beverage tasting / appetizers will be paired with sensory experiences and original art and fashion. Guests are welcome to story-tell their unique experience with their phones and eat light bites while interacting and socializing throughout the venue space.  





West Coast Cuisine

Founder West Coast Cuisine, Marcus Vargus will be cooking lemon saffron risotto cake topped with fresh steamed mussels in white wine< brown butter sauce and garlic Parmesan reggiano Italian parsley, and red onions. Marcus will also make a watermelon salad consisting of chopped watermelon, mint, basil, mango, olives, red onion, and feta cheeses. A The singer dressed in an elegant gown based on one of Mariya Milovidova’s paintings of landscapes and art will be performing live. The performer performs a love song in Spanish with two dancers, a man and a woman dancing Tango.


8:15 - 8:30

 Caviar Fix

Projectors change to display images of the sea world starting with images of color reefs to videos and paintings of the underworld. Two dancers in hand-painted Mermaid costume dresses will perform to sensory music. Taste, Caviar Fix – a concept developed by husband and wife, who decided to take traditional black caviar to the next level and have some fun with it. Caviar Fix offers a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres featuring delicious black and red caviar. You will get a get out of this delicious light bite!




Chef Lauren Lawless

Founder of Flawless Cuisine & TV Personality Lauren Lawless, “Master Chef” will be cooking on-site and will provide small delicious light bites of a scallops, okra, parsnip puree and panseared scallops with wine, butter, shallots garlic and pancetta dust!


Desert: Z. Cioccolato & Culture Republick

Get ready for delicious desert from one of the oldest gems in the heart of North Beach, while projectors portray a visualizations used to excite the taste buds. Best known for their fudge which has been featured on the Cooking Channel, Z. Cioccolato has desert that will move you Beatnik Bourbon, Cookies and Cream, Cabernet Sauvignon Dark Chocolate, and many other mouth-watering flavors will be presented. Another additional desert, ice-cream from Culture Republick will provide their swirls, layers of flavor, and chunks of unique ingredients. Each pint will leave you inspired inside & out.


8:30- 9:00


All performers, models will come out and take a bow throughout the venue space. Models and performers will do finale walk with applause. Chefs and Founders will come forward and discuss their creations, the story behind why they chose to dive into culinary art, and their passion in the making. 60 goodie bags are given out to the first ticket holders, and discussions are welcome to continue throughout the night.



9:00 PM - 12:00


DJ Meikee Magnetic will be playing some tunes.  DJ Meikee is currently a Resident DJ at Emporium SF – Arcade Bar Venue, resident DJ / Partner at Turbo Drive, and Resident DJ at Bootie SF.  DJ Meikee Magnetic will play deep house and some soft tunes. Continuation of guests mingling at the immersive, experiential and ambient event throughout. Videos will continue to project and dancing will begin with an open dance floor and public access to the after-party. Bar is open for those that are interested in continuation of drinking.